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My name is Ben Clapp and I started 2 Clapps DJ service to provide a refined, customized and experienced DJ service from the first inquiry until the last dance of your reception.

By offering personalized meetings and continual communication leading up to your event, I am able to understand my client's needs and wants for their event. At your reception, I view my responsibility as being two-fold: first, I am the emcee who provides a warm and cordial presence, making announcements for ceremonial portions of the event and assisting in transitions that come off smooth and effortless.

Secondly, using my 10 years of experience with a wide variety of customers and music preferences, 2 Clapps DJ is able to read a dance floor, honor the bride and groom's requests and blend tracks to keep a continuous flow of music without jarring changes or silence that can kill a dance floor. In addition,  I am very comfortable with technology that allows me to aquire music requests at events (or incorporate guests devices into my system), which provides the crowd with a virtually bottomless playlist.

Part of who I am as a DJ is who I am not. I continually hear stories of "that DJ" and I am always amazed. Therefore, I pledge to will not dominate the mic with silly commentary, break out games that you were unaware of, rock a blow-up guitar, or wear sequined cummerbunds.

I will play the music you might have provided as "must plays" and not play the music from the "do not play" list, remain sober, show up on time, and be cordial to your guests.

I started this business because I enjoy music, am comfortable speaking in front of large groups and enjoy seeing people have a great time. I have worked with many happy couples like yourselves in creating a great party to celebrate their big day; I hope you too will consider contacting me to discuss how 2 Clapps DJ Service can best meet your wedding reception needs!