The mainstay of 2 Clapps DJ Service is wedding receptions. Whether it's at The Balsams Resort or a family member's back yard, I am happy to be a part of your event. Here's an overview of my services:

  • Two sound system set ups - This allows for a continuous music flow from ceremony to cocktail to reception with minimal lag time for set up.
  • Confidence, but not domination, on the microphone - As an emcee, it is important to provide information to your guests throughout the night and assist with transitions. At the same time, it is your event and not the "2 Clapps DJ Show".
  • Blending music and playing to the crowd - Although I am not a club DJ, I understand the importance of smooth transitions between songs and not have jarring changes, songs that drag on or gaps between songs. Also, every crowd can be different, and it is the DJ's job to play what the guests want in order to keep the dance floor full.
  • Customizing playlists based on the couple's requests - Often times couples really enjoy certain artists or styles and have particular requests. I am more than willing to honor your requests and work diligently to maintain the musical feel you want for your event. Most couples have just a handful of song requests, but there have also been entire 3 hour playlists given to me. Either way, I can make it work.  I also honor your "DO NOT PLAY" songs!
  • Communication from the first meeting to the day of the event - Consistent communication leading up to your event is essential for me to be sure that I understand all of your needs and formalities. By using a reception planner and keeping in touch via email, phone, FaceTime, or in person, I am able to fully get to know your event and how best to serve you.
  • Professionalism - I am at your event as an employee, there to serve you and your guests. It is of the upmost importance to represent myself professionally for both the couple and myself and my businesses reputation.
  • Limited liability insurance - I am a fully insured company that protects you or your reception facility from responsibility of any sort of equipment damage that might occur during your event.


In addition to weddings, I can provide my services for most any other type of event:

  • Holiday Parties
  • House Parties
  • Birthdays and Anniversaries
  • Corporate Gatherings
  • School Dances

Whether you are looking for background music and a microphone or  an inexpensive way to take your house party up a notch, 2 Clapps DJ Service is willing to be your professional DJ/Emcee.